Tips For Your First Time Visit To Dollywood

Tips For Your First Time Visit To Dollywood

If you are gearing up for your first trip to Dollywood then you have come to the right place. We are sure you already know you are going to have a fantastic time. This article is to help you get the most out of your first trip to the amazing destination of Dollywood. Enjoy!

Get a TimeSaver Pass and Unlimited

Picture showing what the TimeSaver Pass looks like

Getting a TimeSaver Pass will prove especially beneficial if you are visiting Dollywood on a weekend, holiday or a summer day. If you are looking to get the most out of your Dollywood theme park visit you should really consider getting one of these passes. The pass typically helps people to ride two to three times the amount of rides per day by not having to wait in the general admission lines.

The cost of the TimeSaver Pass is $39 per person per day for 10 expidited entrances throughout the day you pay for. The Unlimited pass is $49 per person per day and has no limit on how many times it can be used on the day of your choice.

Take the Trolley to Avoid Parking Fees

The trolley picking up passengers

Parking at Dollywood can cost you anywhere between $15 and $25 per vehicle per day. The Trolley on the other hand is only $2.50 for a ride to Dollywood. Also, if you pay an additional $0.50 then you can make your pass good all day long. The trolley offers several stop points all along the parkway, all you need to do is hop on. If your accommodations are not close to a trolley stop, you can park your car for free at Patriot Park and catch the Pigeon Forge trolley from there. 

Arrive Early on Saturday

Take advantage of short lines by arriving early on Saturdays. This is only available to season pass holders and those staying at the Dreammore Dollywood Resort.

Plan What you Want to See Before you Arrive

Dollywood is a large park; for that reason you will want to learn what is where within the park before you show up. It is very easy to spend a great deal of time in just one section of the park without having seen what all else is there.

We suggest getting together with your group and figuring out who wants to see what. Then plan your day accordingly.

Download the Dollywood App

The benefit of having the Dollywood app is convenience. The smartphone app has helpful park maps, current show schedules and you can keep a digital ticket or pass on it. You will also be able to check ride and show wait times in real time. Why would you want to wait or walk all the way across the park for a ride with a 40 minute wait time when others may be only a few minutes.

Buy a Season Pass if you are Going for More than two Days

This is something you actually should do if you are going to be going to Dollywood more than one time. In fact, this is probably the easiest way to save money at Dollywood as buying two one day passes is more expensive than a season pass. Now, if you plan on visiting Dollywood several times, a Gold Pass may be what you are looking for.

Click Here to see if the Gold Pass will benefit you.

Check for Dollywood Events

Several times throughout the year Dollywood will have a special event going on. Like everything, this offers pros and cons. The pro is that most people find the events very enjoyable. In fact, most people like to Dollywood much more when there is an event. This is not to say that Dollywood is not fun if there is not an event going on, whatsoever. The biggest con is that the park is generally more crowded while there is an event going on and therefore you typically have longer wait times for the rides.

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